Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The ideal book for Catholic seekers!

From The Seeker's Guide to Being Catholic by Mitch Finley (Wipf & Stock):

If you are uncomfortable with the popular perspective which requires you to have no faith or think of religion as a mere hobby that has nothing to do with the real world; if you are dissatisfied with fashioning a private, "mixed bag" spirituality designed to satisfy personal needs but make few demands; if you cannot agree with the sectarian Christian perspective which requires you to turn off your intellect and embrace "blind faith" in exchange for absolute certainty; if you believe that Catholicism, the oldest institution in the western world, is not perfect, but it may have something to offer all the same--this book is for you.
The purpose of this small book is to offer some tips, some guidelines, on being a Catholic seeker. Perhaps you are curious about Catholicism, or you are thinking of becoming a Catholic. Maybe you were raised in Catholicism and want to know if it fits into your future or not. Or maybe you are Catholic and simply want to know more about what that means in today's complex, sometimes confusing world. This book will not answer all your questions, but it will join you in asking those questions and thinking about some possible responses. Think of this book as a literary companion on your quest.

To learn more about this book, or to order a copy, click here: Seeker's Guide